Christopher Sacre

Christopher Sacre, Studio 10

Christopher Sacre studied BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture at Wolverhampton University. His 2010 installation ‘See What This Man Gave Birth to After Using 2000 Condoms in 22 Days’ marked a creative turning point as his work shifted from more traditional, nature-related sculpture to the conceptual.

Energised by the success of this piece Christopher created a further sculptural evolution of his ‘condom’ cast work culminating in his solo 2014 exhibition ‘NOTHINGNESS’ supported by Arts Council – winner of the 2014 FPS Roy Rassmussen Award.

Christopher has continued to explore the possibilities of his sculptural forms whilst pushing his work into unfamiliar territory with drawings, paintings and prints.

In 2015 Christopher moved into the realm of public art installation with ‘Aperture Project’, a participatory work in Rochester, Kent created in collaboration with sound artist Stuart Bowditch.

Christopher also works extensively with museums and galleries around the country delivering creative workshops for both deaf and hearing people since 2000.

In 2016, Christopher established SEE and CREATE, enabling Deaf Families to have greater opportunity to participate in accessible family-friendly creative events. And co-founded the MESS ROOM, a creative community hub with a special emphasis on providing access to creative events for deaf and people with hearing loss, blind and partially sighted people.

Based Here at Sun Pier House it offers a wide range of creative activities working in partnership with skilled local artists to ensure diversity and choice in their offer.

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