Blue Dinosaur Animation

Peter Collins, Studio 2

Peter joined us here at Sun Pier House as one of our studio artists back in November 2016. Blue Dinosaur Animation is a Stop-Motion Animation company whose current commission work consists primarily in creating music videos for musicians as well as other local artists. ⁠

Peter uses concept art, drawings and storyboards to plan out his creations before building film sets out of Styrofoam or wood and then moving onto the puppets themselves. The puppets start out in life as a metal ball and socket armature skeleton from which cotton and sponge is used to create muscles and body mass and then latex or silicone rubber is used to create the skin. ⁠

To see Peter’s characters in action or to find out more about Blue Dinosaur Animation, then you can follow him using the links below to see his creations come to life.

Facebook – @Bluedinosauranimation

Instagram – @bluedinosauranimation