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Join The Magnificent Seven to hear about their current exhibition.

The Magnificent Seven is a group of professional artists from the South East of England who, as individuals, are each exploring alternatives to the status quo of current contemporary art.
Each member of the group is creating new and exciting work through their chosen medium and in their own unique way working contrary to the received wisdom of today’s art scene. They see the art world as stuck in a rut, their vocation is to find an alternative and lasting way forward.

Working as painters, printmakers, collage artists, ceramicists and photographers, the exhibitors involved in the group are as follows:

Bill Lewis, poet and visual artist. One of the 6 Medway Poets and also one of the 13 founder members of The Stuckist art movement. He will be showing paintings, prints and decorative plates.

Simon Mills, a landscape painter whose work is predominantly concerned with the spirit of a place, its atmosphere and mood and the power of the natural elements. Showing paintings, linocuts and drawings. 

Bronach Rae, making collages that reflect her experience of the natural world. Using photographs collected during walks, she deconstructs the images and, by manipulating scale and dimension, rebuilds a new and sometimes challenging view of nature.

Richard Reader, a Rochester based photographer mainly shooting monochrome long exposure landscapes and architecture. He has recently returned from a 10 day photography trip to Iceland which has provided the material for this exhibition

Philip Richardson, an artist based in Kent who works half his time in southern Europe. He will be showing paintings, drawings and digital images that focus on the development of a single two year project.

Bruce Ronaldson includes perspectival, map-making, art historical and naïve solutions to explore landscape. He studies these subjects as an artist and as an art historian. Each year he leads a tour for adult students to Italy.

Elizabeth Akehurst is a Medway based artist, her subjects drawn from landscapes both local and further afield. Her oil paintings are semi-abstracted but convey a strong sense of place. 

As artists who have been working for a number of decades we would like to challenge the current art scene and inspire the next generation of creative people to break out of the current conventions and be bold in their artistic endeavours. We want to pass the baton to those who wish to make art without constraint from the fashions of today.