Join Jane Furst for a short creative reisdency at Sun Pier House as part of her By This Hand exhibitions.
14, 15, 17, 19 and 20 October 2017.

By This Hand are three solo exhibitions, at Sun Pier House, and two related exhibitions at Chatham House and Medway Fine Printers at INTRA, which will run simultaneously with a short residency at Sun Pier House and printmaking demonstrations at INTRA.

The aim of the three exhibitions is for Jane Furst to show work from five decades of practicing as an artist and to explore links from diverse 2D media such as drawing, watercolour and oil painting, printmaking and illustration. Different aspects of the work will be shown at different locations.

The new work in progress will be concentrated on oil painting and impasto techniques. This will also be the first time Jane has shown work going back to Art School days in the 1960s.

These three exhibitions will offer the public an opportunity to explore special venues during the regeneration of the Chatham Intra area between Rochester and Chatham.