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9 August 2018 – 9 September 2018
Sun Pier House Gallery, Chatham, Kent
Preview: Wednesday 8 August 2018 6pm – 8pm

Port of Entry is a range of new drawings, prints and embroidery by Gary Clough exploring architectural space and geographical locations, while challenging notions of the imagined, the remembered and the known. In addition Clough is shaping an individual response to the different cultures engaged within his travels through China and the UK.

The images emerge from the habitual practise of drawing that artists use toexplore and process the world around them. These drawings, most often contained within the intimate and private spaces of the sketchbook, happen when no one is looking, a form of practice that keeps the muscles of the hand, eyes and imagination working together, constituting a speculative work of reimagining.


Gary Clough is a fine artist and educator whose practice is rooted in the
traditions and cross-disciplinary nature of sculpture. As a graduate of UCA and
the RCA he has exhibited across the United Kingdom, Europe, US and China.
At galleries including Tate St Ives, Newlyn Gallery, The Ruskin School of Art,
Georgetown University and The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. He also
has associations with the Royal Society of British Sculptors and the Henry
Moore Foundation, previously being appointed the Sculpture Fellow at Falmouth
School of Art.

Working across a variety of roles and institutions both internationally and in the
UK, he is currently Senior Tutor and Lead for the Graduate Diploma at The Royal
College of Art, London. Gary has continued to question the historical and
contemporary positioning of the breadth of sculptural practices. On completing
his degree he spent three years working in the building and restoration industry
as a stone mason at Hereford Cathedral and granite technician at the Scottish
Sculpture Workshop.

Gary has over 20 years experience in art and design education,His work is grounded on both craft and artifice, across a range of disciplines and materials this is driven and informed through drawing, focusing on the nature and notions of authorship, recognition and cognitive depiction and their roles and relevance to the made environment we inhabit.