IMG_3876 (800x533)Rumour has overtaken reason in recent months as thousands (give or take a thousand or two) of people have speculated as to the location of Thursday Man.

Some believed that a local restaurant had assassinated him in fear of a bad review, others that he was embarking on a pilgrimage to MeccaDonalds.

There were those that doubted Thursday Man’s very existence, assuming it was a cunning ploy by those crafty SPH managers…

However, we are pleased to allay fears and confirm that Thursday Man is still with us and has been faithfully documenting his culinary experiences.

Thursday Man could not resist the chance to sample the menu at our very own Sun Pier House and this is what he has to say…

“With the opening of the Sun Pier House Tea Room, Thursday Man has found a culinary oasis within a few steps of his hot desk.

With fresh tea, coffee and food available it has become an up and coming eatery in the area.

When available on the menu Thursday Man recommends the Moroccan Chicken with Couscous, but make sure you accompany it with genuine North African Harissa paste, courtesy of the kitchen.

Also you must try the Beef Madras Curry with rice. This authentic Curry would not be out of place in any local Indian Restaurant. Be prepared for a culinary tour of the world without leaving your table and no passport is required.

Eat On

Thursday Man”

Thank you Thursday Man.

NB – This review is entirely independently authentically Thursday Man and has not been edited by SPH management, except where words and sentences have been replaced and altered.