rendezvousSo Thursday Man has enjoyed many great lunches over the last few months, although today he returned to Sun Pier House a little deflated. Here is his tale of woe…

“Today I ventured down to Rendezvous at Yoons Chinese Restaurant, 117 -119 High Street, Chatham.

To my amazement, a set lunch of a starter, main course and rice or noodles, was only £5.90! A bargain! But wait… to include another main course was only £6.90!

This I thought was the deal of the year until… both mains came on the same plate along with me noodles!! For me, you cannot afford to mix your beef with your sea pork, it was not what I had expected.

The food, however, was hot and tasty, but not what Thursday Man had imagined.

Confucius says “Many plates make more washing up”

Thursday Man says “Shi wang de”

Thank you Thursday Man for sharing with us that difficult story.