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‘Open Arts’ is a special strand of our business , focusing on our aims and ambitions to become a fully accessible venue and provide accessible arts in Medway

Working with numerous partners, we’re developing our programme of events and exhibitions, as well as adapting our building to become user friendly for all.

‘The Open Arts Project’, Sun Pier House and MESS ROOM collaboration 2018 – #OpenArts #MySelf

Sun Pier House is delighted to announce that Sun Pier House CIC have been awarded Arts Council National Lottery Project Grant Funding, to deliver their Open Arts Project in partnership with MESS ROOM artists Wendy Daws BEM and Christopher Sacre. The project is also supported by Ideas Test.

The ‘Open Arts Project’ is specifically aimed at blind and visually impaired, deaf and hard of hearing people, young people and their families. The project aims to investigate the value of socially engaged practice, looking at improving well-being and engagement with those people at risk of social isolation. The theme and identity of this project is ‘My Self’ (#MySelf).

Participants will create work in workshops, in the new accessible art studio MESS ROOM, situated at Sun Pier House in Chatham. The MESS ROOM artists will also be running workshops for pupils at Danecourt Community School and All Faiths Children’s Academy.

The ‘Open Arts Project’ will culminate in a curated exhibition in The Gallery at Sun Pier House, Chatham (May 2019), and a second exhibition at No34, Sittingbourne (date tbc 2019).

Wendy Daws and Christopher Sacre, co-founders of MESS ROOM, say:

‘We relish the opportunity to work in partnership with Sun Pier House CIC as part of the ‘Open Arts Project’. Open Arts will provide a platform to explore identities and showcase the amazing creativity of blind, visually-impaired, deaf and hard of hearing people. We feel this is a huge vote of confidence in MESS ROOM.”

From members of the sight loss art group;

‘We are delighted that the ‘Open Arts Project’ has been funded and can go ahead. This means a great deal to us as a group because we can get to meet on a regular basis. People need people, and especially with our sight loss, we need to work together and help each other. Being at home alone is so isolating and you can lose the will to do anything at all. We’ve all experienced a sense of hopelessness and opportunities like this give meaning to our lives and show that we still have something to offer.’

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