Dan Russell Jewellery Design

Dan Russell, Gallery Studio 1

Dan joined Sun Pier House in 2019 with a space in our newly opened Gallery Studios. Dan is an Artist, Maker & Jeweller working with upcycled, found or sustainable materials.

“A fascination with large-scale industrial machinery and the environments in which they are found have formed the basis of several narratives within my work over the past three years, which has always been underpinned with an awareness of the ecological concerns and adverse effects that these industrial processes are having on the environment.

My most recent collection, Waste-Full World, comprised of 5 large neck-pieces aimed to criticise such uncomfortable narratives by exploring different forms of water pollution. In particularly the damage caused by plastic waste and oil spills at sea and the shocking impact that this is having on marine animal and coastal bird life worldwide.”

Instagram – @dan_russell_jewellery_design