Wendy Daws & Christopher Sacre

The MESS ROOM, established by artists Wendy Daws and Christopher Sacre, is a creative, inclusive space where they facilitate fun, accessible and innovative artistic workshops for all. Their open and collaborative approach promotes independence and community-led peer support, where all who work and play with them strive to break down barriers and reduce social isolation.

With over 30 years of combined experience working with diverse groups, their artists specialise in supporting deaf and people with hearing loss or blind and visually impaired people to express themselves in new and exciting ways, using a combination of inclusive activities and communication methods, including British Sign Language (BSL) and tactile materials.

They work with schools, local artists and community partners to raise awareness, train and mentor the next generation of MESS ROOM advocates. As professional artists they also develop unique commissions and exhibitions to promote the exceptional abilities of their participants, organise cultural events and projects that support inclusivity and equality for all.


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