River Heritage Organisation

Tiller & Wheel CIC was formed in 2019 by Sun Pier House’s very own husband and wife team, Ed Gransden and Heather Burgess. Drawing on their individual expertise and passions – Ed’s being sailing & historic vessels of the East Coast; Heather’s in arts, events and cultural engagement.

As the custodians for two historic sailing vessels, a Thames Sailing Barge – Edith May and a Whitstable Oyster Smack – Thistle F86, Tiller and Wheel aspire to create a sustainable business model to ensure their ongoing preservation. To do this they aim to inject arts & culture at the core of the business and redefine their purpose, from industrial working craft to cultural platforms.

Tiller and Wheel is dedicated to promoting the historic East Coast fleet of smacks and barges and providing high quality experiences and events aboard these historic vessels, and as the first to offer FREE sailing trips and an affordable subscription model, making sailing an option for all.

WEBSITE: https://tillerandwheel.com/

FACEBOOK: @tillerandwheel

INSTAGRAM: @tillerandwheel