The Geese Project

The Geese Project are a registered charity in Kent, who provide Counselling, Art Therapy and other therapies for the local community. They have been based in Studio 6 here at Sun Pier House since late 2019 after formally being based on the Isle of Sheppey.

“Why the Name “The Geese Project” The nature of geese is to support each other on their journey with encouragement. The geese fly in a V formation this gives them 70% more lifting power, together they create unity.

With the lifting power of many wings, they feel supported by each other and this gives them a sense of community, care, and safety. What is also amazing If one gets sick, two will go down with it until it gets better, or sadly dies, they then catch up and re-join the group.

When the lead bird gets tired, it rotates back, and another will take its place so that it can rest. They are constantly honking encouragement to each other.

Just like Geese, we do a lot of ‘honking’, encouraging, supporting and empowering individuals, inspiring personal development, and change.

We thought that this was a great metaphor for our service, with the lifting power of caring therapists we aim to support and encourage those that may feel alone and vulnerable by any of life’s difficulties that can be experienced through the loss of health, bereavement, depression, confidence, self-esteem, stress, anxiety isolation and much more.

We use a holistic therapeutic approach to wellbeing with a cognitive approach to facilitate positive change to include therapeutic arts, crafts, and music.

Together we can support, strengthen, encourage one another creating a community of care .”


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