WareHaus Collective – Shapes and Sizes 3rd – 24th June

‘Shapes and Sizes’ will be the first time all three artists come together to express themselves and address their mental health. “The saying ‘shapes and sizes’ conveys the same message we want to celebrate. Not just the physical side, but mental too.”

The Riverside Gallery is open Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 4pm.

WareHaus Collective is a space for artists to collaborate and promote.

“Each individual comes from different backgrounds and life experiences. The negative as well as the positive. Our work ranges from a simple printed message or a portrait conveying a message they support.

The exhibition is a challenge for ourselves. A test to see if we’ve really got what it takes. The patience, the ideas, the motivation. We don’t really know where it could take us, but excited to see how far we can go.

We want the audience to remember they’re not alone. Like most people our age; we don’t know what we are doing too. But, we have each other and anything is possible, no matter your shape, no matter your size.”

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: Meet the artists on Saturday 10th June 12pm – 2pm and enjoy an Open View

Artists Exhibiting:

Ethan Burton

Adam Gurney

Lydia Bedwell-Smith