A Little to the Left: 2nd – 10th September 2022

Marissa Mardon, Dahlia Westmoreland and Danielle Wright present “A Little to the Left” a mixture of work exploring various themes of abstraction.

A pop up exhibition in the Community Hire Space, where artists Marissa Mardon, Dahlia Westmoreland and Danielle Wright presented a mixture of work exploring various themes of abstraction.

Marissa Mardon

Marissa’s new body of work has reawakened her love of colour and abstracted forms.

Since starting the use of coloured pencils during lockdown, Marissa has continued her exploration of geometric shapes and intermingled abstracted lettering as well as experimenting with the use of bold colours and the relationship they have with each other.

For ‘A Little to the Left’, Marissa’s work concentrates purely on the arrangement of coloured squares and how they sit next to each on the canvas. A selection of her drawings will also be available to view as the inspiration behind her new line of work in acrylic paint.

Danielle Wright

After a long break from painting, Danielle recently rediscovered her love for the medium while undertaking an artist residency in Finland, in April 2022. Now working in large scale with acrylic on paper, geometric abstraction, pattern, and grid formation are combined with organic variation, chance compositions, and bold yet often ill-defined colours melting together and pooling in watery cascading drips. Although the appearance is new, this work is guided by themes which have to some extent always been present in Danielle’s work, exploring the area where order and chaos, chance and deliberate action, uniform repetition and unique iteration, meet.
Despite appearances, Danielle’s work is at its core about people, society, culture, and relationships. It is about the structures we live within, and our constant battle with ourselves as we try to assume the shapes we are expected to live as, while maintaining our individual sense of self. It expresses a desire to let go of control and perfection and accept the nuances of life in a space shared with others.
These paintings are shown alongside new photogram experiments and a selection of unique screen prints.

Dahlia Westmoreland